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Hi there,

I am looking for an opinion with my dilemma.

My X is a 2007 Off-road edition, no mods.
Current tires: Firestone Destination A/T 265/75R16 but they are pretty shot so I need to replace them asap before snow starts dumping down

So i have 2 things to choose immediately from two options:

1. Buy new Firestone Destination A/Ts from a tire shop since these tires treated me well for the last 5 years (through some heavy winters and scorching suns)
2. Buy almost new Goodyear Duratrac 285/75/R16 ON rim (Xterra original) from a private seller

* this X is my daily drive (90% in the city, 10% going camping trips).
* I do not offroad
* might lift my X once i have extra money, which doesn't look to be this year

2nd option is 300~ dollars more expensive.
2nd option is also SO amazing looking but I am not sure how the extra weight and the size will do for my Xterra.
There is a melt mod everyone talks about which I will be required to do.
2nd option comes with rims! which opens the option to buy dedicated snow tires eventually

What are your thoughts? Please let me know!
many thanks

PS I am sorry for posting this on the offroad tire forums , without actually looking to offroad
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