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How well can you weld? Or skill sets at metal working even if cutting/drilling and bolting things together? Some flat stock, angle stock, grade 8 bolts or better if it were me, grind down the rough edges for a finished look and spend a few bucks having it all powder coated to keep it looking nice longer maybe worth a considerable amount of your time in value and pride.. Otherwise there are other options.

I'm still wondering why so many companies continue to make their winch bumpers in the goofy way they do.

I’ve been practicing a little welding myself. I’m getting there and I’ve actually toyed with the idea of fabricating my own. That whole pride in ownership thing. And I’ve a few friends I made in the Marine Corps that weld now. They work for beer.

In any case, it’s on the back burner since I have the low oil pressure at idle problem. I’ve ordered the rear timing chain oil gallery gasket and just waiting until I can tear my engine apart. Lol.

Any ideas where I can find measurements for doing it all (the winch mount) myself?

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