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SC Xterra any noticeable difference with a SC working??

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I was given a 2003 SC Xterra manual shift with 130,000 miles on it for winter beater. Timing belt, clutch, and waterpump were already done.

Had it in today for a drive belt issue, and was told the SC has not worked for sometime. Apparently a bad knock sensor under the SC had disabled the SC, and once replaced I will have boost again.

My question is, is it worth the repair cost, and would I even notice the differnce?

Mechanic said at 3000ft altitude I would notice a diffence in performance and fuel mileage?



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Yes the knock sensor throws the SC into a limp mode. So you'll want to fix that, but i warn you having a shop do it will be WAY more then its worth as its under the intake manifold. There are tons of write ups about relocation online.
Thanks, the mechanic said 2 to 3 hours?
Thats not bad, i've seen people get quotes in the $700-$1000 range which is ridiculous imo.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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