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Royal Purple atf with Conventional atf?

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Well its about time i start doing some maintenance on my X. spark plugs, cables, filters, and tranny. Since my truck has 160k and i have no idea if the p.o. did any maintenance on the tranny and alot of the guys on here said to not do a chemical flush if the the tranny is running good as it might ruin it. so the recommendation was to drain the tranny pan and topping off with full synthetic, letting it run 5k and draining and topping off with more synthetic. but i have no idea if all synthetics mix with conventional i wanted to do use royal purple but the back of the bottle doesnt say if it mixes with conventional. Mobile 1 says it does. has anyone done this and does anyone have recommendations. thanx
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If the transmission fluid is still red and does not smell burned, then a drain and fill is in order. The Genuine Nissan fluid is the best for this transmission. It isn't cheap, but it contains the correct additives that make these transmission live. Since you are doing maintenance, when was the timing belt last changed? They should be done every 90,000 miles.
You'll never get it all out no matter how many times you drain it. You have to remove it and let the tc empty out. Stick with the nissan fluid for now. Your only getting 50-60% of the fluid out draining it from the pan.
the timing belt was done at 150k also because i had no idea if the p.o. had done it yet (didnt want a bent valve). yeah i know the torque converter holds most of the fluid but some guys said that replacing even just half of the fluid with full synthetic will help keep the tranny cooler and working properly longer. ill check out the nissan atf. i did get scared that if i had someone flush the tranny i could free up built up gunk and clog it and make it fail.
IMHO do not flush it. Slowely drain and add overtime. If you check the fluid and it is not black/discolored or it does not smell burnt then leave it. Regarding the Transmission flush if you want to know what I think of all those flushes then YOUTUBE.

Jiffy Lube Engine Flush
exactly those jiffy lube "experts" scare me. The color is going from red to brownish havnt smelled it yet but since i was on a maintenance marathon i thought it would be a good idea to partially change the fluid for the dog days of summer.
I would have to agree with these guys! I've heard too many horror stories about servicing your own AT then messing something up in the process. Hydraulics are way too sensitive in AT's to mess around with. Drain/Add if you want to keep the fluid good, but if it's not giving you any trouble, then DO NOT open it. Unless you're ready to do a 5 speed swap.
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