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I'm new to xTerra platform and clearly understand that some folks here have earned their PhD by now but either due to my search capabilities or availability of the appropriate material I couldn't find much on a few things I came across of that I'd like to mention.

I've had positive experience with Rough Country products before on a different platform and by far couldn't say anything bad about the company so I figured I might as well stick with what I know when it came to chose a lift kit for my 06. Aside form being a fairly inexpensive kit it looked well done to my eye and I'm happy with it by far. Nonetheless, there were a few things I wanted to address ...

1. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but the nuts used to attach a spacer to the top of the strut assembly looked somewhat thin to me.
2. In the same group, I had to throw away the lock washers used to attach the above spacer to the top of the strut because the strut bolts are not long enough to accommodate a washer, a lock washer, and a nut on to of all of that. I had to Locktite all of them.
3. While going by the installation video posted by RC on Youtube, I obviously wasn't expecting that easy of a process though I really can't complain ... it took me only 5 hours to install it all. The one thing I had to do is to use weight of 4 people standing on the side step to compress the strut assembly so I can mount hub onto the upper ball joint ... it would lift the entire vehicle when I was trying to use a floor jack under the lower arm.
4. Lower control arm adjustable bolts - it is listed as a "recommended accessory" ... buy it and install it while the entire front is disassembled ... much easier than come to a shop for wheel alignment only to find out that they can't do anything because you have regular bolts and to install those you forgot/bought later would cost you another $300-$500.

Other than that ... thanks a ton to Rough Country for a great shopping experience.

I hope it helps.



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