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Hi All
I'm getting ready to do some Mods to my Pro4x I have lurked around here some but haven't seen a thread that really answers this.

I was wondering how to lock down items on a roof rack. I'm thinking about a road trip next spring,and need to lock down some soft items like a drybag full of camp gear etc.Lawn chairs etc.I am looking at the DEPHEP Rack mainly because it sits down in the existing rack so I don't have to remove it. I was thinking about a flexible steel cable netting of some sort ( not sure where to find this ?) Or am I overthinking this, and there are better ways to do this. My Pro 4 X came with the attic (I call it) the small open air box where the lights mount It doesn't lock either.
Thanks for suggestions and help.

Here is the rack I am considering. If there are better ones I would like to see them also.
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