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Roll Cage

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Does anyone know of a company that makes a interior roll cage for 2005 to present Xterra, my wife and I dont do hard core trails but know the value of protection and maybe one day the X might go through the rubicon. My parents saw a group of Xterras go through there and Ive been through there over ten times with my Jeep.
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Pretty sure you’re going to need to see a fab shop for that application. Keep in mind a roll cage pretty much means some sort of helmet so you’re not cracking your skull on the halo in an Incident
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In the Jeep I have I sat far enough down there was at least 6-8" before my head would come near the rollcage, My dads old jeep was another story that thing was close. I will keep looking around to see whats available, but anything anybody has done or seen feel free to send it over. Its not a top priority at the moment but its on my list of things I would like to do.
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