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ring and pinion differential mod for final drive power increase

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ring and pinion differential mod for final drive power increase

Sorry folks. I have searched for "ring and pinion", "final drive" and differential, but have not found much info, so I'm starting a new thread with some questions.-

1 I live in mountainous Honduras and need uphill passing power for my 2002 SE 4WD 3.3L that is loaded with family, dogs, support equipment, recovery equipment, and an overweight front bumper. Is there a nismo 5.1 ring and pinion set that will help me with this? I rarely exceed 65 mph.

2 Has anyone done a ring and pinion mod to increase pulling/towing power? What are the results? Worth the money?

3 What is the highest quality ring and pinion set to get? (what manufacturer?)

4 Will a ring and pinion mod increase fuel efficiency or reduce engine/transmission wear? It seems like more rpm's would reduce fuel efficiency.

Thank you all so much for your help.
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What gearing do you have now?

Have people changed the ring and pinion to higher numerical gearing? Sure some have but generally most here are doing it to counter larger tires and gain back some of the useable power.

As far as I know there is only one manufacturer for Xterra gear sets and they can be found at AC. Yes, there is a 5.142 gear set available for the front and rear.

Another thread with some good information in it.
Good, bad, and ugly quote. Love it.

I have a 4.636 gear set currently.
I found the 5.1 set (part 38100-07J71) in a .pdf of parts from Nissan USA here.-
I have contacted regarding this part, but have not yet heard back from them.
At the risk of using bad form, I'll post the link announcing the nismo part on xterra firma here.-
Trying to find the ones that are produced by Nissan, and maybe cheaper than 4x4parts. Possible?
I'm not sure the AC ones are not NISMO. The NISMO gear sets can be found at Rugged Rocks.
I don't know how common Xterras are in Honduras or if the HG49 diffs (4.9 stock gear) was ever sold under an X there but I would recommend searching wreckers for a truck with stock 4.9 gears. You can tell the gear ratio by looking at the sticker on the inside of the driver door jamb, there will be an axle code of either HG46 (4.6) or HG49 (4.9). If you can find a pair you will get both thirds for a fraction of the cost of our over-priced retail gearsets and you won't need to pay for gear setup if you install the third in your own housing. 4.9 is enough of an improvement over 4.6 to be noticeable and the significant extra cost for the 5.1s is not worth it in my eyes. There were 5.38s for us available at some point but it was a limited run.

That's what I plan on doing at least...
5.1's are coming in next week. Can't wait. Also some Warn hub lockers to get the drag off the front wheels. Power here we come!
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