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rim questions

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Woo hoo!! My first Post!

Hello Everyone! My wife and I bought an '04 Xterra SE/SC 4x4. I don't profess to know squat about cars and even less about tires and rims.

Soooo I have a few questions.
Our stock tires are P265/65/R17 and are in need of replacing.

1) When buying the winter tires there is no "P" prefex. Is this important? Will 265/65/17 fit or cause a problem? When selecting A/T tires, yes there is a "P" prefex.

I am thinking of buying rims to go with the winter tires. I know they are 17" inch rims but don't know the depth (6 bolt config) or the bolt spacing.
2) Does anyone know what type of rims should be used? The dealer is asking questions I can't answer.

The front wheels have the auto locking hubs.
3) If I purchase generic rims will this affect the auto locking mechinism? The front rims look very different from the back wheels.

I hpoe someone can help me sort this stuff out.
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Thanks guys :)

The 5.5 is for the bolt depth or amount of seperation between the bolts?
And this means I can use just about any 17" rims on the front end even with the autolocking hub?

I know I could get some cheap winter rims, but here we have snow for 6 months of the year... yuck! So I would like something decent.

I had a Toyota 4-Runner before and it only lasted 1 year :( Had 3 slides in the winter using a new pair of A/T tires. Didn't crash it badly.. it just rusted out in the end because of all the salt.

Sooo ...
My stock P265/65/R17 basicly = 265/65/R17 with a load rating of 112 (2469lbs / 1120kg)
No problem with fit.
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