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I purchased a 2005 XTerra about a month ago and I love it. I have a 2007 Titan and 2008 Pathfinder, so yes I am a hard core Nissan guy.

I installed a Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS stereo (which I love!) and I wanted to be able to view the backup camera on the stereo. After reading many forums and pretty much becoming very frustrated over how some people will just settle for the "easy way" of doing things, I have located the reverse wire - in the cab, under the dash behind the glove box. Yes that's right, the wire is inside the cab!

I did get some good information from another forum that identified the wire under the hood in one of the relay boxes:

My XTerra is an automatic 4x4.

To verify the wire under the hood, I had my wife put the XTerra in reverse while I probed the wire using a 12 volt probe (which is the best way to find these wires). Once I verified that this was the correct wire in the relay box under the hood, I looked in the most logical place that I thought the wire would be. I figured it must go into the cab somewhere. It turned out to be right on the front of the wiring harness. I've attached some pictures, however for some reason I wasn't able to email them all to myself at work so I'll attach more later. The wire is a very light blue with what might be a silver or light gray stripe. I probed the wire and sure enough my probe lit up when my wife put the XTerra in reverse. All I had to do was tap this wire and splice it with the reverse wire from the stereo and the wireless receiver for the backup camera.

I temporarily hooked up the camera and it works great. I originally purchased a "Pumpkin" reverse Camera that is mounted in a license plate frame, but I am looking at some other options because there are no holes around the license plate to feed the wires through. I will tap into the actual reverse light for power to the camera and the wireless transmitter, so I have to be able to wire it in. I'm trying to go with the least destructive method.

You might be wondering why I went with the wireless TX/RX for the camera. Well I placed the wireless receiver up in the trim on the passenger side of the windshield - at the very top. This works well because there are less obstacles and interference.

Also, If you have a vehicle where someone removed the factory stereo and added a single din aftermarket stereo, they may have thrown away the mounting brackets you need to mount a double din stereo. That's what happened to me. After ordering the wrong kit that claimed to be for a double din stereo on Amazon (and definitely was not), I found the right double din mounting kit here: and for $11.47, it's a great deal.

I hope this was helpful.


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