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Replacing valve cover gaskets, question about intake plenum manifold gaskets

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Didn't realize I also need to buy the intake gaskets. I see pictures online of intake gasket about $10 and also see a intake gasket set (about 45 bucks) that has 3 gaskets. What are these other 2 gaskets for? Don't be want to buy stuff I don't need to. Thx
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Not sure what is included in the set...

but there is the upper intake plenum which needs one gasket which mates to the lower intake manifold.

The lower intake manifold splits to each bank of the V-engine...which requires a gasket for each side. I am assuming the kit includes the gaskets for the lower intake manifold and also the one for the upper intake plenum.

I'd stick with the upper intake plenum gasket only and a new throttle body gasket if you end up removing that one.
Intake plenum as mentioned is the o oo oo o gasket. Thats the only one you need, so you are good.

The throttle body is attached to the intake plenum and the air box. You can remove the throttle body and manifold together, I think so you probably won't need a gasket. I ended up taking my throttle body off first, so I got one for 90 cents at the local dealer.

X2 on the coolant hoses. Those stupid rubber hoses caused me a lot of pain the last week.

You have two short hoses from the upper manifold to the throttle body. 2 other coolant hoses on the back of the engine block that are easier to get to with the manifold removed. Those two were leaking for me. The upper manifold also has another U shaped coolant hose and a U shaped crank case breather hose. My coolant hose was leaking, the breather hose was not for me though.

Also, all of the vapor emissions lines...check them out while you have everything out. I had a few of those dry rotted that were just a matter of time before it was a check engine light. I got similar line at Auto Zone and replaced some and zip tied them nice and tight.
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Also, if you have EGR on your prepared for a major pain in the ass. You may want a new EGR valve gasket too.

I took me 2.5 hours just to get the bolts back through the EGR valve and threaded into the stupid little bracket nut. No room to work and the copper tube from exhaust system is rigid and you have to pull on that stupid thing to get it to line up.
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