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Replacing Rusted-Out Exhaust

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Hi All,

I have a 2000 Xterra which has a rusted out exhaust system that lets exhaust out at at least one if not two spots before it gets to the end of the tailpipe. I was talking to my dad about replacing it myself and he said, "you should probably just pay someone to do that because those bolts get so rusted on that you'll have a hell of a time getting them off."

My question is, #1 . How hard is it to replace the exhaust system, and #2 . How much would it cost to put in a basic system?

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That is my exhaust setup.

I paid $110 for the Magnaflow muffler off Amazon, and $140 to do all the bent pipes at a locall muffler shop. I wouldn't do it myself, even though I have a welder. Access is tough without a full on lift...and they were able to custom bend the pipes from the cats back.

My brother recently did a similar move and purchased the Magnaflow muffler off Amazon and paid a muffler shop to weld it up. They did ~100 just for muffler install without all new pipes...and wanted ~250 for custom bent pipes.

If your goal is just to patch up a few holes...they can probably touch it up with a welder for cheaper than doing a full exhaust.

I would shop around,and look for local hole in the wall muffler shops, and avoid chain places like Meinike or whatever. If you can find a local mom and pop shop that can bend the pipes real quick and weld it up, you can get better deals.
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Nice video. Thanks for the shout out for the dented in door :)

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