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I'm sure this has been asked before (and probably beaten to death) but what would be the best way to start using LED's in my headlights? I'm finding with the several snow storms we've been having for the past month, seeing through them is becoming more and more difficult. Granted, the lenses need to be cleaned up but since my X is paid off, I'm itching to get some of my to-do's done. I'm still using the stock halogen bulbs that came with the truck when I bought it. However, seeing some of the newer trucks on the road with LED's and their ability to project farther and brighter has got me thinking about this for a while now.

I've been looking online for the past few days about how to go about in doing this. Do I need a conversion kit? Can I just pop in some LED's and be done without having to do any re-wiring? Is there a specific size I should get? Is there a specific brand I should look at? Will I need to worry about any extra power draw with LED's?

I would prefer not to spend a ton of money on this project as I am still paying off my new tires and thermostat but seeing clearly at night is pretty high on my priority list.

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