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Apologies for the length of this post, but I am new to "adulting" with vehicles and need some guidance in how to handle warranties and coverage.

I purchased my 2004 Xterra in July 2014 and I have a warranty with Fidelity Warranty Services that lasts until this July (the mileage is still under the warranty coverage limit).

I am getting my rear brakes (though, I am not sure if it has pads or shoes) and rear shocks replaced soon. I also have noticed that my front driver side window is very slow to roll up right now, so I was looking into getting that repaired or possibly repairing it on my own. Those I know are not a warranty issue and I have to just pay that myself as maintenance. But there are a few things in the warranty coverage that I am confused about...

I am at 97/98k miles, so I thought it might be time to replace the timing belt... If so, the warranty states that it covers "timing gears, chain or belt, and tensioner" under the engine section of the warranty. Does this mean they cover this if it needs replaced at all or only in the instant of it breaking or something? I would prefer to have them pay for it obviously after I spent money on the warranty plan.

Also, last year around July or so, I had some issues with my camshafts and the local Nissan dealer did a repair. I have to check the bill when I get home from work to check and see what the official repair was. In the warranty it states it covers "camshaft, camshaft bearings, buttons and plugs" but the service technician that came from Fidelity to the dealership negotiated with my Nissan dealer and the repair wasn't paid for. I need to check with the dealer, but it sounds to me like this is a cover-able expense that I could take up with the warranty company? I am kind of upset thinking about it and feel like depending on the official repair that was done, I may have been tricked into not having it covered? Is that a possibility?

Lastly, I have had some noises in the front right of my car that sounds like a clanking noise when it gets cold outside (I am in Alabama) and it usually occurs when I go over bumps or bad places in the road. I was going to check (if I am able to do it on my own) if there were just bolts or something loose under the front part of the Xterra. The warranty states that it covers "upper/lower control arms, shafts and bushing; struts, housing and cartridge". I don't think I have struts, so they don't cover the shocks, correct? But would the upper/lower control arms be a possible concern and possible place for repair under the warranty?

If you made it this far, thanks so much. I don't have much experience with automobiles, repairs, and warranties. I figured you guys were some of the best to ask for help from and I am very thankful in advance if you can help out at all.

Thank you.
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