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Have a 2002 that I need to remove the center console from. Anyone tell me what I'm looking for/placement of bolts/etc.? I don't want to break anything, as this will be a temporary removal.
Watch this video, and do everything up to the part where he takes the radio out. You dont have to take the radio out to remove the console. Once you have those two big plastic trim pieces removed, just look for any screws around the area right under the radio. I believe there may be two there but it has been a while since I took my console out. Finally, there are two hex screws towards the back on the main big part where the storage part of the console is. You will have to scoot both seats(passenger and driver) forwards as far and they can go, and the go to the backseat. You should be able to see the two hex bolts, and im not sure the size but im sure you can figure it out. Once those are removed, it should pull out pretty easy, however, if it is not then there are probably some screws you missed. Just go back to the front and try to lift up the front part of the console to see where there is any resistance and look for screws. Also, when you pull it out. There will be a wire holding on the main part of the console, because of the cigarrete lighters in the console. They are connected the same way the one on the front dash was connected, so remove as so. That should be it. If you have any questions, just ask!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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