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Recently purchased a 2008 XTerra S 4WD with the automatic. I feel that I got a decent enough deal on it, and the only thing I found wrong at the dealer was a bad rear wheel bearing. I purchased the car after checking for obvious signs of timing chain and SMOD issues, which there were none.

Starting the truck up from a cold start the next morning, I was welcomed to a very loud squealing noise from the front of the engine. At first, I thought it was timing chain problems...but it sure sounded like a belt/tensioner. I replaced them and the noise is completely gone after listening to it for days. Other than that, I have a rear wheel bearing causing what sounds like a rotating scraping noise. I haven't done anything to prove if it's one side or the other yet. I know it isn't brakes since it doesn't go away when I press the pedal...unless a rock is actually stuck between the pad and rotor (not likely).

I checked for SMOD as much as I know how. I pulled the radiator cap and inspected that and it was perfectly clean. Then, I removed the fill tank cap and checked that, along with looking inside the tank with a light. Fluid looked great and there was no staining at all in the container. Then I dipped a socket extension all the way down and move it around the container and checked multiple times, came out looking clean as water with just a hint of green. Then, when the truck was at operating temp and running, I pulled the trans dipstick and check that. Looked red, clear, and perfectly clean. At no point did I see discoloration, foaming, froth, or milkiness in anything I checked.

So, does anyone have anything else I can check apart from the above? What else should I do for preventive maintenance? I've downloaded the entire Service Manual for anything that needs to be done.

Here is what I intend to do from this point ASAP in this order:

1. Trans cooler/radiator bypass (will add external cooler later)
2. Replace rear wheel bearing
3. Replace intake air filter
4. Replace all fluids (engine oil, trans, transfer case, rear diff)
5. Replace spark plugs

It's odd owning a large SUV/Truck after only driving basically 2-seater sports cars for the past 10 years. It's growing on me! Thanks!
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