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I've had my X for around a month now and have loved every second of it. It is a 2000 model with 239,xxx miles and running strong. After buying we realized it had a tiny hole in the radiator and the harmonic balancer had crapped out and needed replacing. We also went ahead and ordered valve cover gaskets only to realize all of the bolts around the valve covers weren't even hand tight so that took care of the oil leak problem. I have since put around 800 miles on the old beast primarily highway and some city + the occasional dirt road trip and she has been a dream. It came from the seller with an awesome ARB front bumper and some aftermarket black 16 inch wheels. I haven't embarked on any mods so far but have some planned for the near future starting with the PML (Poor Man's Lift as I recently discovered lol) and hopefully some new rubber here soon as well as some small stuff such as making some limb risers and wiring in some auxiliary lighting. A little about me I live in North Eastern Georgia and am trying to ease myself back into getting outdoors on the weekends as much as possible. I'm gonna dump a few pictures below. Thanks for reading I look forward to learning as much as I can from you all. - Grayson


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