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random misfire 03 supercharged 3.3L manual

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I have misfire issue, I've changed distributor, the cap & rotor, knocking sensor, spark plugs & wires, timing belt d and still does the same thing...what could it be??
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How random is the random? I had a "random" #4 misfire. Same spot in the block as your #3. Then paying very close attention to it, I waited it out. Engine ran fine cold but misfire would occur soon after the thermostat opened. Voila, the dreaded head gasket leak. As my issue was fairly new and I have almost 173K on my X, I turned to a bottle of Bar's Leaks Block Seal Head Gasket Fix. I didn't have abnormal coolant loss, oil in the coolant, foamy oil, none of that. So I would check on that and do a compression test while you're at it.

NO!! This is not my preferred fix, but it is getting me by as I am currently unemployed and my Ram Diesel truck is waiting in the shop "3-6 weeks" for a high pressure fuel pump replacement that isn't the current recall fix. But for now I can still try to find work and get my kid to school.
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