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I have always wanted an Xterra but was a tool and bought an RX8 instead. I have no sold it and am able to purchase a 200k (km) 2002 supercharged for 3k (from a family friend hence the cheap price). It has been gently driven and the family are lovely. Has been treated as a soccer mom car. I dont think she has been putting premium in since the start thought which concerns me with the super charger. Light rust on rear pretty clean all in all. Mechanically seems fine but I am on my own to inspect and I dont have alot of experience with regular cars as the RX8 is the only car I have ever worked on. Is it worth the leap of faith or should I wait? Please help I really do want to get myself into a solid reliable X. Thank you in advance! Its also automatic (I know I know, I suck)

PS Sorry if this is the wrong section I have never posted on a forum forever have just been a reader.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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