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Project K-RU

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Well guy's I have finally got a minutes to reconnect! I am about to go pick up my second Xterra! Yes that's right KUMA 2.0 is coming!

New name will be Project K-RU aka KUMA-Runner

Update -

Okay here is some snap shots, I purchased this a few days ago from a nice couple in West Jordan. Though it's in amazing shape on the underside with no ding's or dents on the skidplates, and almost none on the body, the white paint job had taken it's toll! The paint had been oxidized to almost a flat white with thousands of these little red rust spots (no picture sorry). The X only had 85k miles, was a charcoal theme with a dark two tone grey interior, no moon roof and the limited slip differential (LSD) I had been searching for it was an exact match for what I wanted! Though actually I was hunting for an atomic orange originally! And did actually begin the process of purchasing a red 2nd gen which started overheating only 2 blocks away from the auction I was buying from ;)

And thus here is the result a flat white xterra, my diamond in the rough!

My buddy and I spent several long hours scrubbing the body in the carwash only to find this was the result above! The white still had embedded black from the dirt! So out came the Mother's brand Clay Bar! (Best stuff ever!) next almost 6+ hours of scrubbing and spraying and scrubbing more! The end result was the smoothest paint but yet still flat, however we removed probably close to a gallon of dirt and removed almost all marks and red rust spots seen below (which turned out to be some kind of debri and not the body it's self)

Next came 2 good coats of Mother's brand Caranuba Cleaner wax with the orbiting and vibrating buffer to help lessen the dull effect. Finally 1 coat of Mother's brand Liquid Polymer wax (just the beginning of about 8 that I plan to do) which gave us back some of the gloss we were looking for!

For those of you wondering about the Mother's brand stuff, it's simply the best and you all know how much I like to keep my xterra's clean and shiny! It's expensive but it's worth it and until I have proof something else is better I will keep using it!

Well guy's stay tuned I am hoping to have my tires before the end of this year so I can go out on the first, once taxes come in february that's when the real mod's begin and I will share all of them with you guys, trust me I will top KUMA 1.0!
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Kuma what year Xterra?
cant wait to see what you do man!
Rockin' Kuma! I'm sure it will be just as kickass as y our first X. And thanks for the help and look forward to what you come up with. :D
wait im confused, and have been out of hte loop for a while... what happened to your first one?
He sold it.
ohhhhhhhhhhh word i didn't know, last i heard he was having tire size issues.. Cool man looking forward to watching what you do with it! You gonna keep all the aftermarket stuff or sell it?
Kuma whaaaaaaat. I didnt hear you sold it either!! Startting over??? good idea! that old rig was a piece anyway!!
on a side note do you have any cool pics of us from moab?? I havnt really seen you on here since then. If you bought a blue second gen i am gonna be jealouse!!
2nd Gen????
The dude that always had the most kick-ass pictures doesn't have any at all of his new ride??? Hmmm lol
Thanks guys! Sorry didn't pick it up tonight other wise I would post something... Have to wait until monday to find out! Oh and for those of you who didn't know I sold my first xterra yeah that was back in august or september... Keep in mind mods will start small then come taxes hopefully some pre-gone stuff ;)
sounds good man, BTW congrats on your 1000th post!... Let us know some details! what year, what color, waht are you planning for it?
Well thank you man! As for the year and color, and whats plan I am going to let you guys use your imagination until I can get it cleaned and take some great pics which will hopefully will be saturday
keep us guessing HAHAH
Congrats man! Looking forward to the pics...
1 - 20 of 363 Posts
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