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Hello Everyone,

I need the help of some X owners with what is a good deal vs a deal too good to be true.

I currently have a '13 Focus SE Hatchback 5MT that is fun to drive, but lacks power, mountain capability, and the all important AWD, off road possibility. I live in the mountains of Colorado and all winter had to wait until the snow melted before I could go out, and now that summer is approaching i'm awaiting the trails, muddy roads and camping to be here.

A little bit about the X:

2007 Xterra Off Road 5AT with 132k miles. Listed for $10,500 however would be able to get it probably lower since KBB is about $9,000. It has the blue cloth interior that as far as the pictures look, is very clean. Tires look to be Grabber AT with almost new tread. Carfax has great history, 2 owners, clean, regularly maintained. I haven't physically looked at it, I want to make sure it's worth it before I run over and test drive. I'm too spontaneous - I'd drive home with it. It is also the Desert Stone color.

My predicament:

My 2013 is fairly nice for a Focus - 5MT, leather, heated seats, sunroof, black on black with black leather, rally looking, but still only 150hp motor. It gets 30mpg mixed and about 38 mpg without roof rack on the highway. It has 24k miles and is still under warranty for 6 months/12k miles. I bought it after having an old Isuzu Axiom that hit the bucket at 250k. I bought the Focus for commuting, fuel sipping, and a little more fun than the old Isuzu was.

I know the X will be more fitting to my lifestyle; we are outside every weekend, camping, fishing, hiking, skiing. We have 2 dogs, which don't fit in the Focus. My GF has a Subaru which they fit in, but its brand new so we try to keep it clean. All my vehicles before my Ford were all over 200k miles, and some over 250k. I can wrench a bit myself, but not major things like tranny/motor/heads etc.

My concern is the mileage for the X. I really like it, seems to fit great to what I want, Great power, awesome 4wd and off road capability, but is 132k something to be concerned about on a vehicle only 9 years old? I know that is about 12k per year, national average or suggested average - but I really enjoy the peace of mind of warranty, and a car thats almost brand new.

Any suggestions!?!

Thanks guys.
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