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Please help! I have gone through almost all what little amount of money I had saved and my car is in no better condition then when I first took it in.

I have a 2004 Nissan Xterra 6 cyclinder- My car started to chug and act like it was running out of gas when it had a full tank. The chugging will happen about 2 times a day while driving around town at 35-40mp and then the next day it can run fine. It's iffy- one day it will do it, the next it runs fine. Once on the freeway it chugged and started to stop- now I'm too scared to drive it on the freeway. The check engine light came on. Three codes came up- the speed sensor po500, the mass airflow sensor and the knock sensor. I replaced the speed sensor and got it back and one week later it still chugged. I replaced the mass airflow sensor, put in a new battery, new fuel filter, replaced spark plugs, and rotor and cap and still chugged.

I finally took it into Nissan and spent 100 on a diagnostic for them to tell me it may be the speedometer now, because the po500 code and knock sensor codes are still coming up. They said don't replace the knock sensor that it would not help. They want to charge me over $800 to replace the speedometer which they say might fix the po500 speed sensor code but they aren't positive. I told them the speedometer has run fine and never jumped dials etc.

I was told by a mechanic in town to reflash the computer and check the computer for a malfunction by going back to Nissan. When I told Nissan that they laughed at me and said that would not do anything. I do not know, what do you think? would you replace the speedometer if you were me or?? what should I do? I am running out of time as I live in Ca and I need to get my smog check done, but with the speed sensor light still on it won't pass. Please help, any advice would be appreciated! I thank you a million times.
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