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Please please help me im desperate stereo problems

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Hello to all, my name is ronald and im from bolivia so excuse me for my really bad english but in dont know where to go for my problem, im owner of a nissan xterra 2010 SE with rockford fosgate system and actually i buy a new stereo doble din JVC KW V51bt for replace , so I connect all the wires with help to av manual that i get from internet and the radio works video and connect with my phone but the sound dont work, no sound on any speaker, some body tells me the rockford fosgate amplifier use a different amp or something like that who not work well with conventional receivers and I dont know what i do please help me Im so desperate cuz i work in this project an entire week :( thank u so much for your help and sorry again for my really bad english
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Welcome to CX

Can you please post pics of the info/diagrams you found on the internet? Then we can look it over and see if we can figure out what's up.

Also please clarify: Do you have sound at all when you play the radio?
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