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Ok here is a little history... (4wd 07 Xterra)

Last October (2015)
New LCA's w/ new bushings and ball joints
New Sway Bar linkage

Started over the last 6 months hearing a creak/tick-like noise while getting in/out of car
And occasionally while driving over bumps etc,
A little poking around and I find worn hubs.

April (2016)
New Hubs Right and Left

Noise continues and starts to get worse, now there is more continuous squeaking while driving. Not hood bumpers, been there, done that. It's coming from particularly the passenger side.

2 weeks ago....
I strip the sway bar off the radiator support and lube up the rubber block sand brackets that hold the sway bar to the frame.
I order new complete UCA's. I figure, hey why not for the $80 a pair. New ball joints and bushings, can't beat it. Well i install them and low and behold, noise is still there, WTF?

I didn't pre load the UCA's. Didn't know I had to, so I thought possibly it's a coincidence of possibly another bad bushing or something.
In desperation, I order a new set.

Guess what?? Same noise!

The noise happens while stopping, taking off, getting in/out of vehicle. While static, the noise can only be replicated once or twice before it ceases. Then a short ride after you can rock the truck in place to mimic it again.

While the vehicle hasn't been driven in a day or so, i.e. Overnight, it takes about 15 minutes or so for it to act up and get noisy.

Guys please help!!!!!! This is driving me nuts!!!!
I'm pretty savvy. I can replace just about everything under that front end myself, I just don't want to go through the time and money swapping parts and keeping my fingers crossed.

Any ideas on where to go from here?

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I suggest that when the noise starts, to get out and have someone rock the Xterra while you are underneath the car. You might be able to zero in on it.

That kind of noise could be anything, but likely to be a rubber part involved if you hear a squeak, or squeak/thump.
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