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Paracord Survival Products

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550 Paracord is very strong. It was originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes in WWII.

550 paracord has been used by the military and outdoor enthusiasts for many years and the uses are endless. The 550 paracord used in the bracelets have a min. breaking strength of 550lbs.

More about paracord:

Uses for 550 paracord can be found at this site.

Colors available:
bright green
hot pink
light blue
navy blue
digital camo
dark OD green
forest (kelly) green

**If you do not see a color you like, I can special order a color.**

Bracelet with shackle = $15

Bracelets = $10

Key fobs/zipper pull = $5

Germ Grenade = $20

Dog collars = $20

**Prices include shipping.**

Order Information:
Send personal message (PM) with the following.

-Wrist size
-Year of birth*

*I use a penny to secure the bracelets, to give what you wear around your pulse a meaning.

Make payment via PayPal only to rattfinkster at gmail dot com. Include shipping address.

I will only except PayPal orders. Purchase as "Goods".
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More products, colors, bracelet closure options coming soon.
Fink, just made up a belt made out of dynema lashing. Not as nice to work with, but has a 3,000 lb braking strength on a single strand. After braiding it in the survival way, id love to see it's strength. I'll post up a pic in an hour.
New colors:
Red, tan, burgundy, navy blue, light blue. And silver coming soon.
Side release buckles are in. This is a connection option for the bracelet.

Buckles are curved to better conform to your wrist.

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Yeah, single cord bracelets are nice. A LOT of people like the two color combos. With the buckles I can move into a different style.

Once I get my mini shackles in, it is going to be even better :)
Bump for a great product!
Tellin all my friends about the bracelet they like the crimson and yellow combo for our school colors. Pittsburg State University
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