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This is my first post as a new member,
I appreciate any help.

I recently purchased a 2001 Automatic Xterra SE (xtreme).
Since I bought it (2 months ago) there has been a smell that resembles burning coolant. I'm not leaking coolant but every 100 miles or so I need to replace about a cup of coolant in the resevuar.

... my biggest fear is a cracked Head Gasket but there are no other signs of this so I decided to put it off... (a problem of mine).

Last week while pushing the throttle pretty heavily on the interstate my SES light came on. Lastnight I had it read by an auto parts store and it read P1126, the guy simply said "You have to take it to the dealer for this one".

Then the code reader actually got stuck on the connection in my truck, he couldn't remove it and when I pulled it off I broke his reader and we went our seperate ways.

I've researched it a little and keep coming up with a faulty Thermostat. If this is going to fix all my problems I would be estatic but it's never that easy.

1. If I simply replace the thermostat first, and then reset the SES will this cause any future problems?

2. are the 3 problems related (smell, 'using' of coolant, SES P1126)?

Many Thanks!
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