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2001 3.3L w/ ~170k miles.

I replaced a cracked right exhaust manifold and approximately a month later, thanks to the wonderful state of California, I'm due for smog check/inspection. Had no SES prior to smog but low and behold "they" were kind enough to generate this one for me: P0430 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2. I'm thinking that maybe I tweaked the O2 sensor when I put it in the new manifold? No performance issues, just that code that's preventing me from passing smog.

Oh, also, I had to replace the distributor, but I don't see any corelation there. It was a faulty cam position sensor in a relatively new distributor (cheap parts), and I couldn't find ANYWHERE to get just the let's clear up maintenance history (mainly due to a chain reaction of failures):

Vehicle purchased, thermostat, timing belt/water pump, full tune-up (plugs, wires, filters, etc.), fuel sending unit, EGR valve, distributor, right exhaust manifold, distributor. All within approx 15k miles; I think the previous owner didn't know how to maintain an X.

Any thoughts on the O2 sensor? I'm fearful that it's the Cat (which of course means the driver side is not too far behind...). Anyone with similar experience as pertaining to the manifold/cat/o2 debacle?
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