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P0420 p0430 and p0500

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My 5spd manual 2004 Xterra XE has thrown yet another check engine light at me. I have only owned it aince october 2016...Since purchasing it from a private seller i have been spending a lot of time repairing it...from the knock sensor, suspension, breaks, speed sensor. Catalyst, you name it i more than likely have done it. Sooo with that said my Xterra (Theo) is throwing P0420, P0430 AND P0500...I HAVE HAD REPAIRS DONE FOR ALL CODES..CATALYST BOTH, O2 SENSORS, AND SPEED SENSOR. I WENT SOO FAR TO BUY ANOTHER BRAND NEW SPEED SENSOR FROM THE DEALER AND PUT IT IN...The one replaced in november apparently broke...cause upon taking it out the grooved end that spins i assume came off and rolled....Has anyone experienced this? Or is it best to let it go and trade the 04 in for a differet exterra...i have spent a pretty penny doing more repairs than intended as upon purchase i tracking the speed sensor....not the whole cabootle i got...but fixed with mo problem but these being the same codes i am a little pissed and at my wits end...
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Jaci - You doing any of those repairs on your own, or are you taking somewhere to deal with them each time the check engine light comes on? If you paid someone to do your knock sensor, you probably spent $450+ unnecessarily right there. Do a search for your current codes. Spend some time reading and you'll often get some tips on what you can try on your own. It's a great tool to supplement the service manual, which is also found on this site. Alternatively, you can trade it in on a newer vehicle, maybe even one under warranty, so you won't be bothered with repairs for awhile. I don't know what you expected, but older vehicles eventually need new suspension components and brake jobs. Ours, also needs the timing belt replaced every 105,000 miles, which isn't cheap if you're paying someone else to do it. It won't trigger the check engine light to remind you, but it's every bit as important as some of the things you listed having replaced in attempt to shut it off.

Serena - Your Xterra doesn't even have the same engine as the OP. Create your own thread, or search for your specific codes and read up if you're ready to start troubleshooting on your own.
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Didn't mean to patronize. I merely asked if you had paid someone to do the repairs because your original post gave that impression, especially with regards to troubleshooting your CEL. You even wrote that "YOU HAVE HAD REPAIRS DONE FOR ALL CODES". Hope that clears it up.

I stand by my suggestion to search the forums for your codes and read everything you can. Participation isn't what it used to be, so you're actually better off reading past threads on your topic, from when participation was greater. But you're so smart, I'm sure you knew that already.

Good luck
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