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After more minor tweaks and redesigns that I care to think about we finally have something we are very happy with and excited about for the 2nd gen.

It's not up on our website just yet and we're still working on the small stuff to have a nicely finished package when it ships. Install instructions etc. But the jigs are done and we are ready to start production.

The only modifications we have made to the truck is trimming the inner fender liners.

What is shown. Base/pre-runner style, high approach angle, no winch mount, no top tubing.

What is not shown.

**2 styles of top tubing - made to order as far as desired height. We will advise if we think the setup may obstruct headlights or road view but ultimately it's your truck, your bumper, your money and you can do what you like with it.
Stinger (as was seen on our 1st gen bumper at WENT pictured below for reference)
Flat top headlight & grill protectors similar to ARB & others.

**There will be a small sheet metal beauty/trim piece welded on every bumper to fill the gap left between our top tube and the headlight for a cleaner, more finished look.

Skins. Bumpers will be able to be ordered with skins either over the tube or inset (as shown on 1st gen truck at the GLX meet at the badlands - pictured below for reference)

We apologize in advance for not having pictures of every configuration pictured on the 2nd gen yet. We are a small company and do not have the resources in terms of time and finances to pre-make every option to picture. We will do our best to update the pictures gallery as we go. We do invite and encourage anyone and everyone to hit us with pictures of your rigs with our products. It will helps us and your fellow community members out.

And now for some pics: bumper/IMG_2704_zps33f6f78d.jpg.html

We will also be offereing the center section alone to mount a winch under the factory bumper covers.
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