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So my NAPA Power battery is dying, I think I discharged it one too many times :(

About to get a Warn 10k lbs winch, and often run lights while camping (engine off), so thinking I should invest in a battery that can actually get drained and recharged multiple times without crapping out.

Quick research seemed to point me at the Optima Yellowtop? Is the D34/78 the right size? Does it fit into the stock bracket of a 2003 X or do I need to modify the bracket or get a different one?

Also, I'm trying to understand what type of battery this is? Their marketing seems to hint that it's both a starting as well as deep cycle battery? I don't want to run two batteries, so need one that can do it all. CCA is 750, which should be plenty for starting at -10c I'm assuming?

Open to other battery suggestions obviously!

Thanks in advance!
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