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My local shop is offering to lift my '14 Xterra Pro-4X (manual) with an Old Man Emu lift kit (1.5" - 2" lift), which comes with OME 607 Front Coils and Front Camber Caster Bolt Kit. Parts, tax and labor (including free alignment) totals: $2,900

They are also suggesting KMC XD300 Wheels (12mm offset), 5 rims (including tax) for a total of: $1,012

For tires they are offering two options:

BFG KO2 285/70/17 Load E, 5 tires (including install + tax) for: $1,485


Nitto Ridge Grappler Load C (for Comfort), 5 tires (including install + tax) for: $1,446

Grand total for everything: $5,358 - $5,397

Questions for you all:

How do the Old Man Emu and Nisstec lift kits compare?
What's your opinion of the wheel and tire options offered? Alternatives?
Any other comments?

I plan to use my Xterra off-road (Utah/Colorado/Wyoming backcountry driving and camping; jeep roads and easy to moderate rock crawling), and highway (hot summers and snowpack winter mountain roads).


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Old Man EMU is prolly one of the most WORLD renown companies/kits available. Its hard to argue anything here other than quality and experience. I happen to like both companies for different reasons but as I tell a lot of people. 3 methods of shopping are "Price, Quality, and service" - Pick two, you cant realistically have all three.

I dont think you can go wrong with either or to be honest but what i would consider after you get your opinions on here or other forums is to call both companies DIRECT for absolute information on their product and your application, regardless of the opinions, trust your gut. Go with whichever gives you a better feeling and meets your needs best.

Otherwise we just shop opinions. Speaking of which, I'd go BFG on the tires.. Too may reasons to list but walk any lifted truck and 70% of the time their rocking BFG and from track to street, I PERSONALLY have never had much good luck with Nittos..
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