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Oct XOTM 2011

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Ok guys and gals.. We are going to change up the XOTM to maybe make this a little more fun.. Middle of the month we will have 1-10 Xterras like normal..
After that we will vote...We take the last few days of the month and TOP 3 will go head to head.. One picture.. from now on..
If we do not get 10 Xterra's by the 20th day we roll with what we have.

And remember this.. if we find people with multi accounts voting.. They will be banned.. No if's and's or but's.... GONE!

I know one thing.. It can not be these..
January 2011 - T-Ray
February 2011 - Dead Pilot
March 2011 - Xterra Mike
April 2011 - Timb
May 2011 - Powerguy37
June 2011 - GlamisDunesStar
July 2011 - Morb
August 2011 - cgvalant85
September 2011 - Rattfink
October 2010 - Baf6
November 2010 - BlueX
December 2010 - Hagausa (Banned)

Remember the First Ten get in to battle for XOTM OCT....
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I say why not I nominate myself
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Haha thats true but I figured i might as well since ill be 18 in Oct.
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