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Hello everyone,

So as the post suggests I'm super new to the getting a rack for any vehicle really.

I have a 2008 Xterra that didn't come with any cross bars. Id like to get a saddle mounting setup for a Tetra 12 Ocean Kayak that wont break the bank. But honestly I'm having a hard time finding a system and being confident it will work. Seeing as I do not have the OEM cross bars I don't know what their dimensions are and I cannot find those specs online.

Is anyone familiar with the Rhino Rack Nautic Roof Kayak Carrier (RR571)?
Will the RR571 mounting brackets work with the 2008 OEM cross bars?

etrailer says the Maximum crossbar dimensions for the RR571 are: 3-7/8" wide x 1-3/8" tall.

I am kind of hopping this will work as buying a pair of used OEM cross bars and the RR571 may be my cheapest option to get a saddle mount set up.

I guess if this wont work my next question would be. What is the cheapest and safest option to travel (long distance highway trip) with this kayak on my roof? Even if temporary, until I can afford a safer Thule/Yakima setup.
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