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Nov XoTm

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Ok guys and gals... Like last time one pix per Nom.. so if you want in better make it a great picture.. We are getting very very close to XOTY..

NOM NOM NOM away... We need 10 great looking Xterra's..
Just not these cats..

January 2011 - T-Ray Gen1
February 2011 - Dead Pilot Gen2
March 2011 - Xterra Mike Gen1
April 2011 - Timb Gen1
May 2011 - Powerguy37 Gen1
June 2011 - GlamisDunesStar Gen2
July 2011 - Morb Gen1
August 2011 - cgvalant85 Gen1
September 2011 - Rattfink Gen1
October 2011 - Bkyln.X Gen1
November 2010 - BlueX Gen1
December 2010 - Hagausa Gen2 (Banned)

And remember... Top 3 move on to the finals...
This will close by Oct 15th
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i nominate myself with this photo this month.

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in before 404
you never explained to me why you had to get rid of it.
oh ok, makes sense.
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