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Hi folks, I had a 2010 S model for a couple of years, and then the story gets too long. Should never have sold it! Anyway, I just purchased another 02 Corvette(sold the first one too, don't get me going!) and I'm selling my '12 Challenger SRT8 and want to get back into an X, but could use some advice. I like the Pro4x just because it's cool looking, but I believe, when buying a used car, one must be a bit flexible. What would I be 'giving up' if I find an X model that is for whatever reasons, a better purchase than a Pro4x or S model at the time? I can afford to spend $25k, so how many miles should be my maximum? Sometimes when one does research you can go crazy with all the opinions. How is the real life gas mileage? (That's far from a deal breaker, just curious). Does the Pro4x ride differently than the other 2 models? I had only one beef with mine, was that I felt the trans was trying to shift up too soon under a mild load like going up a hill. Can that be programmed out?
Thank you all, sure hope I find the right one!
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