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Noob to Cars, Replacement Tire Help

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Hello all,

I purchased my first car last year, Nissan Xterra 2003 XE-V6, 2x4. I am loving the car, it's very solid; Much better than my mother's mini-van.

I am looking to replace the tires, since the tread is looking pretty terrible aka not much tread left.
I've been looking around for what tires I should get to replace and I've just ended up confused as to what it all means. I am trying to get a good deal for my money, but I don't exactly know what that would be.

I have a few questions.
1. What brand/model of tires do you recommend?
2. Do you have particular store/chain that you recommend that I shop at?
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Are you going to drive it in snow?
I live in north texas, I get about inches of snow every two years. It's either dry or wet, because when it rains, it rains.
I am not doing any off road drive on it if that helps.

I am fairly confident that I am looking for a good street tire since I use it mostly to commute from school, home and work.

I went looking and here are a few that I found that I think will work.

Now this was me looking online at places that are in my area.
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should be "three inches of snow", not inches of snow.
Thanks for all your help guys.

I ended up getting GY wrangler trailrunner AT since Sam's club had a good sale on them at the time I purchased them.
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