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Nominate May XOTM!!

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Alright guys! Nominate away!

Be sure to follow the new more kick back XOTM rules

The four that are not eligible for nomination are:

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ok folks, the 10days of nominating are up this evening, say around 7pm this thread will be locked and the poll will be open
I nominate Boondox
You Got Pix?
i cant remember where the pics are or i would add them for him....
Oh shit... my POS got nominated! Thanks.
X~Terror said:
I nominate pvfjr for the resurrected X.................
looking for pics now!

If you haven't been to this thread, check it's a great read.

Hey, thanks for the nomination! I haven't really taken any good pics of it yet, that's why I never threw my hat in the ring yet. I do have a couple lame phone pics though...

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21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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