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Nominate Feb 2008 Xotm

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Alright guys! Nominate away!

Be sure to follow the new more kick back XOTM rules
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Yeah, we need a hot chick photo.
perhaps ill get my wife in either her schoolgirl outfit or her convict outfit and have her pose on or by my X
could i replace one of my nomination pix?
Any arguements????? BUeller?

Do it Dustin! I might try to get my fembot posing next to my X if I could get it to go more than 100 yards without losing power.
Ha HA yea I will have to see what I could pull together on the hot chick note!
Hmmm.... seems I just opened up a whole new can of worms for the XOTM! hahaha

Suddenly modifications won't be the focus of attention anymore.:mocking:
LOL dustin...... i dont care if you change your pic..... but for now on anyone wanting to change a pic send a mod a pm stating why, and also send the new pic and if approved the mod will let you know.... i am saying this due to the fact that people might keep changing there pics......
Agreed Wit Json
Ha, we need A thread dedecated to pics like a few of these(but with Xs ofcourse):

Oh, and I like Json's rule. Now if we could just get enough submissions......
All in favor? :love-eyes-big:

How many more do we need?
Radney711 said:
How many more do we need?
2 more after this

I nominate Creepy cruiser. Never see another X this color

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Wow! Not that's what I call BLUE! Very cool indeed.
Nomination is not voteing so can I nom myself too? I found a pic that is ok.
Hmmm.... does it have a hot chick in it?:mocking:

I don't have a problem with it but that will be up to the moderators.
no it doesn't..... I just thought of a pic I took with my phone in the hill country. I was just gonna put it up so we would meet the numbers. I am working on the girl for next month lol!

nevermind I just read the rules only one nom per person.
March XOTM, here i come lol
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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