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It's that time folks!

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alpine spirit

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when we get 10 rigs or 1 week whichever comes first....
well there is 11 of us that are nominated =) lets start the voting!
well there is 11 of us that are nominated =) lets start the voting!
Oh hell... did we slip up and get over our limit again? Crap!

Well, like last time this happened, the last nominee has to be dropped because polls will only allow 10 entries. This sucks I know and I hate we didn't catch it in time. I haven't looked to see who was last but my apologies to them.
i think it was buckethead
even after i told him to nominate himself... oh the ironing
its all good ill catch next month. it will look better and ill get cooler pics of my truck =)
Look For The Xotm Poll Later Today
I'm tossin' Alex Topousis in the mix for this one:

Think I'm with you on this guy here. A very well done, honest looking rig.

Damn! I missed this one. Let's get voting so I can get myself into the mix.
Not sure what happened to the pictures on my first post.So I`ll put them up one more time.

It`s an '06 SE 2 WD.It`s got a Volant CAI w/ram air mod,Custom SS exhaust with Flowmaster 40 and Duals,Zinik Z-12 rims[18 x 8.5],Falken tires[265/60/18],Spoiler,Smoke tail lights,Projector headlights,Black painted emblems,Black billet side steps,Billet grille,Burlwood dash,Sheepskins,Ipod interface,Vent shades,G-timer,Xterra third brake light,tinted windows.:wink-big:
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removed until next month

removed until next month
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
Not open for further replies.