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Nominate Apr 2008 Xotm

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<hr style="color: rgb(204, 102, 51);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Alright guys! Nominate away!

Be sure to follow the new more kick back XOTM rules

The three that are not eligible for nomination are:

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Damn you James!!! You stole my nominee!

Just kiddin' bro... I need to get off my ass and make a nomination soon. How many are we up to?
soccerbrace said:
I nominate CYCLEMUT

X2 CYCLEMUT's rig is awesome. The girls are very nice!:wink-big:
Hey Allen... you did do the chivalry thing and help that Hooter's girl down from your rig right? I mean with her up so high like that, I would've hated to see her get hurt. And the view would've been pretty good too. :devil-big:
I gotta say, "The Phoenix" is probally hands down my favorite Xterra. Second is "Alpine Spirit". Too bad I am way out here in PA and those are way out there in CO, I can't see them in person.
Yeah they are definitely 2 of my top 5 for sure. You're in my top 5 and when James gets done with his, it will be in there (only active vehicles can be in my top 5 bro... so get your shit finished and let's see it!!!)

I wish you could see the X one of the members of NOAS has. Johnny just took his prerunner setup off of it and has it wrapped in a full bumper to bumper exo-cage now. His is SAS'd and SOA'd. It's insane.

Wish I could get some of those guys to join here but I haven't made it to any of our club runs this year so far to pitch the idea.

Johnny is in NC and may be heading up to Rausch for ECXC but he hasn't said definitely yet or not.
Drake, are you coming up for ECXC???

And by the way, Rausch Creek is in my backyard and it is my weekend wheeling :zunge2-big:

But in all seriousness, RC is a great park and if you are coming up, you will have a blast!
I really want to but I've got to see what my work/vacation schedule will be like closer to then. I've got several business trips coming up and they might conflict.

That is one long ass drive though for me but that's the one part of the U.S. I've never been to.

Oh and here's Johnnys X. He'll be my "Honorable Mention" since he isn't a member. hahaha

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I guess he can't use the back doors anymore?:pfeilimkopf-big:
Thats RIDICULOUS!!! I nominate the Honorable mention!!! JK...
X~Terror said:
I guess he can't use the back doors anymore?:pfeilimkopf-big:

Nope but that's his trailer queen. Usually no riders except for maybe a shotgun spotter. Hell it doesn't even have windshield wipers anymore and he redid the whole rear of it in tubular bars. You can see the corners in the pic. I can't remember what tire size he is running though.
Hes running 35s
again CYCLEMUT. The HOOTERS waitresses won me over. They are hot!! yes I'm a teenager
My X is on 37x13.50x15 w/ dana 44 front and ford 9" in the rear, X'O cage by richard(frontier2k1).
OH kick ass! Welcome to CX!

Well I guess my honorable mention gets bumped up to nominee status now. hahaha

So that gives us 9 nominees. One more and the nominations will close and voting begings.

So who's it gonna be?
JonnyShapX said:
My X is on 37x13.50x15 w/ dana 44 front and ford 9" in the rear, X'O cage by richard(frontier2k1).
so when are we going to be able to see this rig????
i believe its teh silver one posted above
well i missed it i didnt go to page 3... LOL but now that i have seen it, it is going to be hard voting on this one.. LOL
i heard that
every month it gets harder and harder.. LOL
Yeah his rig/my nominee is the silver '04 with the exo-cage. I saw over on the XOC (where I found him) that he was installing a rear-tire carrier and the Ford 9" rear this week.

It's a friggin' beast!
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