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Nom May XOTM

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Blaa blaaa blaaa... You know what this means...

Xterra of the Months time... There are going to be some rule changes to this.. We are bringing the number of Pix down to 2.... And once a picture wins it can not be Nominated again.. We will be keeping a winners area up to date and current from this point on... We still need 10 Xterra's to start the poll...

So lets get it on....

Cant be these

January 2011 - T-Ray
February 2011 - Dead Pilot
March 2011 - Xterra Mike
April 2011 - Xterra Mike
May 2010 - Alpine Spirit
June 2010 - Kuma
July 2010 - Rook
August 2010 - Casper
September 2010 - Bklyn X
October 2010 - Baf6
November 2010 - BlueX
December 2010 - Hagausaf
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So wait the next one I can be nominated right???
Sweet I nominate myself :D

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1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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