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So I have a 2000 Xterra.. Recently out of no where I don't have ANY heat. For a while I was getting heat ONLY when I was driving and NOT while in idle. So I took it to a mechanic and after 2 days they flushed the system out, changed out the hoses into the dashboard that they felt and thought were clogged, and I replaced the radiator cap/added more coolant.

From the day I got it back till 2 days later it was fine but then the problem came back but this time it came back with NO HEAT and it was overheating but only overheated when I was hitting the gas. So I brought it back to the mechanic and they figured it had to be the water pump. I got that fixed and they bled out the system with also cleaning out/blowing out the heater core, which took several days.... Now I find out that even after getting all that fixed, the problem is STILL happening. I'm officially at a lose. Can ANYONE help me to come up with something that I should have checked next? I need to get this heat problem fixed or I am not only screwed for the winter thats quickly approaching but I can't stick my daughter into my vehicle...

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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