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Nissan Dealership Seatbelt Install

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Hello everyone,

I've been driving a 2002 Xterra since 2010 and enjoyed every minute. Posted here a couple times in the past but not recently. the X has over 200k strong (head gasket replaced recently). I recently had my seatbelt replaced for free by the dealership because of a blinking airbag light. It took them 5 times to get it right. The install was so disgusting i had to share it with everyone. The video below is from the 4th time at the dealership trying to get it right. They literally could not install a damn seatbelt properly. Enjoy the video


The only reason I found out it was installed so poorly was because my floormats were all over the place and bolts were laying everywhere. The plasic covering the seat belt was popped off so i could easily see inside. Truly disgusting.
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I ❤ the zip tie. That is awesome.
By the way don't crash you will die.

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