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I just purchased a 2003 Xe v6 with roof rack and tow package. I have an 8' John boat out at a lake. I'm thinking about selling the John and getting a canoe. So my questions are A.) Is it feasible to strap the John boat to the top to transport out of there for selling purposes? B.) What size canoe would be ideal for easy hauling on the roof rack? The canoe would be strictly recreational and just big enough to carry myself and the husband, so needs to carry at least probably 400lbs, so a minimum of 11' is what I'm finding. I don't mind buying a bigger canoe, but I don't know of going all out and getting a 16' would be more of a hassle to strap up/be pushing the weight limit on the roof rack/make the view while trying to drive overly difficult. So I guess it boils down to, how big of a canoe have you guys managed without much trouble?
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