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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum. I am from Massachusetts. The only other collection of owners that I am on is some groups on Facebook. I don't really know much about the specifics of cars as far as how stuff works and terminology. I probably know about the same as the average DIYer. I do have a background in electrical.
Anyways, I hope this forum will be as helpful, and maybe more so than the FB groups. I have a few mods I want to do on my X and a few things that need fixing. I am going to list them here and if you think you can give me some help or good info, please do. Please mention the topic from my post in your reply. I will tell you the specifics of the topic I mentioned.


Need to fix:

Windshield washer system not working (fluid does not spray as of a few weeks ago)

Blower for ac and heat (all of a sudden it only works on speed 4)


FLEXIBLE!!! mud flaps. (I don't like my factory ones, they break on the occasional off-roading.)

PAINT REAR BUMPER my bumper was painted spring of 2014 and has started to rust due to conditions this past winter.

ALSO I am looking for info and reviews about memory keepers. You put these in the 12v outlet so you don't loose your settings on your radio. I really don't like re-programing every time that electrical work is done on my Xterra.

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Welcome A Board!

The fan only working on one or fewer than normal speed settings, is typically the thermistor board blowing. (Fan's resistor)

Its a board that is slotted into the fan motor, and it goes south, typically by you loosing some of the fan speeds.

There's some DIYS threads on it.
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