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Hey all,

New to Forums, New to Xterra, in need of help!

I just bought a used Xterra 2002 SC. Forest green with grey trimming.
She's a 4x4 with premium sound.

I've been looking through every forum and discussion topic for an issue I'm having with a new H.U install.

Although everyone says the 2003 has the premium sound with 6cd changer and Rockford F. Amp . My 02 also has this.

So far it's created an issue with the new head unit because the harness I bought . Metra 70-7550 does not match the truck side only the new head unit (kenwood ddin) when I installed I had no sound.

This was because the sound harness would not connect to the after market HU. Realized he problem was the harness.

I just ordered a new harness (Metra 70-7551) this has rca plugs that will run my speakers as well as two harness that will connect to the new H.U

Does anyone have experience with this problem? Am I headed in the right direction?

Behind the original h.u was a factory amp that caused this issue with my harnesses.

Truck side -> hidden amp behind original HU has 2 female harnesses with attached 2 male that split to 3 -> to plug into factoy HU .

When replacing with a new HU what harness would you recommend I'm using a kenwood DNX571 HD

I've never seen a HU with 3 harness adapters and all the after market harnesses are only 2 harness kits

The attached image is a poor shit of the hidden amp and its 2 female harness connectors. The wire cluster has 2 males that fit into the hidden amp, 3 more males that connect to factory h.u and 1 harness for the hazards


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