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Hi everyone,
I'm having my mom and stepdads 2000 Xterra shipped from Phoenix to Orlando next week can't wait. It was garage kept, 124,000 miles they had all maintenance done to it like clutch, hoses, times chain, water pump, ac compressor ect. Anything you can think of it was done so I know this Xterra will be with me for a long time.
I'm selling my 2008 Mini Cooper due to the repair cost and constant breaking down. Bye bye Mini hello Xterra. My husband and I are car people we have owned Hummers, Jeeps, Mustangs, GTO, WRX STI, trucks ect we have always modded our cars. Can't wait to get started on the Xterra. I'm sure I'll be on here asking a lot of questions. Ill post pics when I get it.

I do have a real Mini Cooper 1972 right hand drive from England that will be staying not selling. Those are the real Minis not what BMW is putting out.

Looking forward to getting to know people on the board.

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Hello and welcome on board! Congrats on your Xterra, you won't be disappointed with it. What exactly are you planning? A lot of good info here regarding mods in case you are thinking of doing any. Check out some of the garages and you may get some ideas. Safe driving and Happy Modding!
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