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It's a 2015 pro 4x. I went with the new Nisstec MK84 extended travel kit, 1 inch top plate spacer and SPC UCAs up front with an AAL and 5100 extended travel Bilsteins in the back. Eibach springs all around. Total lift is roughly 3 inches. Seems to ride pretty good so far but haven't had a chance to have any real fun yet. Will report back soon on that.

Also can't say enough good things about the guys(Steven and Chris) at Nisstec, who also installed the suspension. They know they're stuff and treat customers the right way. Top notch service. I'd highly recommend.

Better pics soon. Snapped these at lunch. And yes I know it could use bigger tires....that will come down the road once the stock Hankooks are gone.


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