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Remember when Pathfinders were the best and coolest mid-size SUVs in the early to mid 90's and were awesome offroading? I had a 95 XE-V6 VG30 and drove it from when I turned 15 (hand me down) until I was 30. It reached 298k miles before I sold it and bought the Xterra. I sold it to a die hard early hard body nissan truck and pathfinder fan. They were all steel constructed, even the bumpers. I remember a civic rear ended me one time and the car slid right up under the pathfinder pushing his entire hood all the way to his smashed windshield. I got out to look and ONLY a minor scratch on my steel bumper and my license plate popped off, that was it! The guy was really scared and asked if I was going to call the cops and I was like, nah no need to but you might wanna think about getting a new car haha! Poor guys drove off with his head sticking out of the window with smoke blowing in his face.

Well back to my reason for posting this nostalgic remembrance of a great Nissan SUV that has turned into a plastic van and how tragic it truly is to see the pathfinders are gone and no one knows what will replace the Xterra. I guess the Titans with the turbo Cummins is the best they have new to offer which is pretty awesome if you're into work trucks. We need a Cummins Diesel Xterra version, that'd be pretty sweet. But anyways I will leave off with a picture of a new 2016 Nissan Pathfinder SV (for soccer van or sucky vehicle I presume?) and let you guys just feel the awfulness in your gut knowing the once great pathfinder is now a soccer van.

RIP "Pathy":crying:


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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