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finally getting around to an introduction! i live in kentucky and recently purchased an 02 sc 4x4 with 88k miles. stumbled across this site while doing research - since i had never owned an xterra i wanted to read up as much as i could. so far i'm more than satisfied with it! the main purpose of my x at the moment is pretty much just a way to get back and forth from work/etc but in the near future i'm gonna be doing some maintenance, so i'm thinking about some basic upgrades for light trail use since i'll be working on it anyway. thanks for the wealth of information available on this site!
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thanks! will be doing the timing (etc), exhaust, and fixing the droopy headliner first, and i gotta put in a new cd player since a couple weeks ago mine started the err3 nonsense. other than that everything seems good to go
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